Can the Church be the Church without Children present? This week we look at Luke 18:15-17 when Jesus admonishes his disciples for keeping children away. Why are children so important to our understanding Jesus' ministry. For many years children were suppose to be seen and not heard. They were an annoyance to be tolerated rather than a gift to be treasured. But Jesus sees them, just like he sees us, differently. In fact, Jesus implies that we cannot fully be his disciples by keeping them at arms length. You can tell what a congregation treasures by what they choose to share with those they love. Children and the future is in our hands, but they are in grave danger. There is a dragon, a beast, an accuser of character called adolescence, entitlement, competition and depression. We must learn to prepare them for this eventuality. This week we look at our role as disciples to prepare our children for the coming storm! Are you Ready? Are you Willing?
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