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The People of One Book

by SteveGedon4040
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“The Bible seeks to catch our lives up in a grand adventure, a great saga of God’s dealing with humanity – a saga begun in God’s journey with Israel, continued in the surprising call of God even unto Gentiles. The church is the product of that story.” – William Willimon, Shaped by the Bible The […]

Tomorrow’s Seeds

by SteveGedon4040

I’m always amazed at how little planning, thinking and preparing for the future we do these days. Infants tend to be short term thinkers, crying when their demands aren’t met, but as adults we’re to have a longer perspective on things that this. We tend to be short term thinkers, dealing with the Tyranny of […]

Connect to Grow

by SteveGedon4040

All people long for God. Period. Some may say the exact opposite, but our desires, actions and values suggest something completely different. We all long to connect with something greater than ourselves, we long for the heart of God. There is simply no better way to connect with God than to learn who God is […]

Heavenly Banquet

by SteveGedon4040

Imagine the stories that we’ll hear. And all the questions that shall finally have answers. “What were you thinking when you drove the old Ford out on the ice?” “Did you hear that Betty and Dan got back together? But of course you did-you were probably involved in that, weren’t you?” “How come you never […]

A Better You & Me

by SteveGedon4040

Leo Tolstoy once said: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, no one thinks of changing himself.” God wants to do greater things in our community and in our church, but He also wants greater things in our homes, and in our marriages, in our families, in our finances, and in our future. It has to […]

Peace, Be Still

by SteveGedon4040

Jesus spoke these words in the midst of a life threatening storm. The disciples believed the end was near as their little boat was about to be swallowed up by forces of nature that were beyond their control. They found themselves in the middle of the lake, far from land, and in the middle of […]

Waiting for an Answer

by SteveGedon4040

It’s easy to think that God’s not listening–especially when you’ve been praying for “one special request” longer than you can remember. When the nights seem endless and the days a struggle of uncertainty, you look to the heaven for some sign of direction, hope, and protection. What can we do when we’re waiting for an […]

Lectio Divina

by SteveGedon4040

As part of a course I’m taking at Asbury Seminary, I’ve been engaged in a personal journey through the ancient practice of Lectio Divina or Sacred Reading. Lectio Divina assumes that the scriptures want to speak to us personally, not just teach us, but through God’s voice of compassion and conviction engage us and love […]