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First United Methodist Church

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Keller Resources

 KEY LINKS Redeemer Presbyterian Church Redeemer City to City Tim Keller’s Blog 150 FREE Sermons & Lectures Redeemer’s REN3W Campaign Redeemers Recommended Resources Reformissionary BOOKS King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus Gospel In Life: Grace Changes Everything study (also DVD) Gospel-Centered Ministry [Gospel Coalition Bookles] Generous Justice: How God’s …

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CS Lewis

Mere Christianity by CS Lewis – pdf C. S. Lewis Foundation – Living the Legacy! – Chronology of the Life of C. S. Lewis – Question of God Study Guide – The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe: Educational Lessons C. S. Lewis& Inklings Resource Site – This site’s purpose is to provide key information, original …

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Bishop Willimon

  William Willimon Audio Sermons William Willimon Blog William Willimon Weekly Column In his book Why I am a United Methodist, William Willimon writes: “I find that United Methodism has five great gifts to offer our troubled, but still blessed and beloved-by-God world: (1) Stress on the need for a personal, engaging, experienced relationship with …

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