Thanks for checking out our site, engaging the resources that are here and for believing that your life is worth the investment of this time. Having come this far, I hope you will take a look around and let me know what you think. As you begin your journey, I want to share just a bit more about my vision for this ministry by telling a little story. My mission is to make an impact in this world in light of the next. Let me explain…

I have a friend who is in Alcoholics Anonymous, and he says to me one day, “If I am late to church, the last five rows or so of people all turn around and kind of scowl at me, ‘Why can’t you be on time? Don’t you know what time it starts? Why can’t you be responsible, like us?’ If I am late to my AA meeting, my Alcoholics Anonymous meeting however, everybody stops, the whole meeting stops. They get up and hug me, because they know from personal experience that there were probably demons inside me fighting to keep me away from their meeting and from their help, so that by simply showing up, I achieved a great victory because I acknowledged I have a need.”

And I think that’s what the Church should be like. We come together not because we have answers to dispense, but questions that won’t go away that haunt our thoughts. Is there more to life than this? We need to worship and be inspired by something higher, we need to grow through our weaknesses not just in spite of them, and we need to find strength that come from God, Scripture and a trusted fellowship, much like Alcoholics Anonymous. God doesn’t love us “if” or “because.” I wish my Church was more like an AA meeting.

Alive is a collaborative effort to inspire people to achieving their true potential in their personal and professional lives by aligning their values and goals with their actions to get results.

So, in the words of St. Augustine, “And now with God’s help, I shall become myself.”