What if each new day of your life was better than the one before? What if at the end of each day, you fell into bed completely satisfied that it had been a day well spent? What if you were no longer driven by the clock or the need to impress other people, but allowed each day to unfolded as an adventure, filled with rare moments that filled your heart with gratitude and wonder. What if you felt your life wasn’t just a series of random events, but a sacred calling given to you and you alone. What if... Whatever your particular life challenge is right now, and we all have them, can you imagine a life like the one I described above? What if we were able to accept each set back as a spiritual challenge we must overcome in order to uncover deeper wisdom and greater maturity? What if you could eliminate or at least dramatically reduce the level of stress and anxiety in your life? One definition of success is the realization of a worthy ideal or a noble goal.  It is the relentless pursuit of a great mission or purpose to which all our energy, focus and is directed. It stands to reason then that if you want greater fulfillment in life, you need (1) to possess a noble goal that excites you, challenges you and breathes life into your day to day routines and (2) to be consistently moving in that direction through the choices we make, the investments we make of time and talent and the people we share our lives with in good times and bad.
"We choose to bind ourselves together when we are strong, so that when we are weak, we are not unbound."
And I think that’s what the Church should be like. We come together not because we have easy answers or quick fixes, but because we have deep questions about life that simply won't go away. Is there more to life than this? What should I be doing? Who am I becoming? We need to go beyond ourselves and our fear and doubts. We need to grow through our problem not just in spite of them, and we need to find strength that come from pursuing a noble, life-giving purpose.
Alive is a collaborative effort to inspire people to achieving their true potential in their personal and professional lives by aligning their values and goals with their actions to Go Beyond Ordinary.

So, in the words of St. Augustine, “And now with God’s help, I shall become myself.”