I'm always amazed at how little planning, thinking and preparing for the future we do these days. Infants tend to be short term thinkers, crying when their demands aren't met, but as adults we're to have a longer perspective on things that this. We tend to be short term thinkers, dealing with the Tyranny of the Urgent and thinking less and less about what kind of future and life we're creating. In the parable of the sower and the seed, Jesus asks his disciples to consider the what kind of harvest they're preparing for. Are we filtering all the urgent request for out time and attention through the wisdom of God or simply responding to the loudest voice or the emptiness in our soul. Join the discussion. February 19,2012 bulletin02.19.12 L bulletin02.19.12 E1 Sermon Notes 02.19.12 Tomorrow's Seeds Worship 02.19.12 Tomorrow's Seeds Early Service Late Service    
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