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  • Inspire: to awaken, to excite, to breathe life into
  • Intentional: to live by convictions, values and vision
  • Impact: to make a strong, lasting impression
  • Faith: to know and trust God
Our Mission is to impact this world in light of the next.

Recent Sermons

New Beginnings1

Prepare or Pretend

We are given the choice in how we respond to those moments of chaos, uncertainty and trouble. We can either preayre for them or pretend they don’t exist and go through life blistfully ignorant. We pretend problems will never come to good people like us, even though we know better. In his best seller, The Road […]


Discover a Heart of Gratitude

During the summer months we have an opportunity to refocus and to reconsider that path we’re on. We take vacations in order to go somewhere beyond the ordinary and experience something extraordinary. It is in these quiet moments that we cultivate a heart of gratitude. Cicero once said that “gratitude is not only the greatest […]


Discover an Uncommon Summer

Summer is not stagnant! A lot is happening, or at least should happen that can only happen in the summer. There is a natural rhythm to life and summer is the season of growing. We grow as a church, as a community, and especially as people of faith in the summer of our lives. During the summer […]

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Embrace Uncommon Worship

An Uncommon Life means having something in you that is higher and more noble than yourself that inspires you to live and do more than you thought possible. We all worship something. Sometimes we just worship ourselves as the greatest good possible. So many people are trying to make themselves happy that they’re forgetting that […]

Recent Posts


A Change of Perspective

It seems to me there’s been a noticeable shift these days toward individualism, the pursuit of personal fulfillment and pleasure at the expense of community and religious participation. It feels like we’re becoming more isolated, more narcissistic and more dependent on technology for our social communities. As a result we’re seeing a decline in most […]


Flood Relief Update Part II

We are now into the third week after the flood and we still have people here at the church working each day to provide long term housing, supplies and food to those affected and in many cases devastated by the flood. Betsy Martin and Linette Gedon have been here each day making calls and coordinating […]

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Flood Relief Effort Update

I think it is important to capture, and where appropriate celebrate, the state of the flood relief effort as of Monday, July 20, 2015. Almost immediately following the flood on Sunday evening July 12, WV UM Disaster Response Team called me to make plans for the delivery of flood buckets and emergency supplies to the […]

Moving Forward

Today will be my first Sunday at Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church. I have very mixed feelings as I step in the Sanctuary for the first time. I have one goal for today, not to throw-up on the nice Sanctuary carpet! I have feelings of great anticipation and excitement at the opportunity to work with […]


Listen to Your Soul

In the movie Gladiator, the dying emperor Marcus Aurelius, asks Maximus, Marcus: “Why are we here?”  Maximus: “For the glory of Rome” Marcus: “What is Rome, Maximus?” Maximus: “I have seen much of the world, and it is cold, and dark. Rome is the light.” Marcus: “Yet you have never been there!” Maximus believed in […]



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